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When children start carrying guns

Posted by | Kristian | December 9, 2008 | 1 Comment

When you live in a big city you get used to a certain amount of crime. It is part of living in a city. Petty theft, burglaries even an armed robbery here and there you consider kind of normal. You feel these things are wrong but when they happen you don’t get too aggravated about it. Now and then you’d hear on the radio about a gun crime where murder was committed but in most cases these murders are somewhat gang related or someone was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is terrible but seems to be part of a big city routine.

Anonymous places with plenty of opportunities attract not only the young and the hip or honest people looking for a job but also rather shady subjects. Any decent city slicker knows with opportunities come risks and we all got used to it to a certain extend. Hardly ever a crime outrages us so much that we get really upset and I mean on a very personal level even if we are not directly affected by it.

Last weekend such a crime occurred and many of us still cannot believe that such thing can happen. On Sunday night Dubliner Aidan O’Kane – a 50 years old man – was shot dead by a gang of teenagers. The suspected killer is only 15 years old.

From what we hear the victim had been subject to repeated intimidation and attacks by a gang of teenagers. On this occasion they threw eggs at the victim’s house which caused him to get out and confront the gang. The result was him being shot death with a handgun. This is outrageous! What on earth is going on in Dublin?

Gardaí arrested another four youngsters in connection with the crime; aged 19, 18, 16 and 13! According to assistant Commissioner Al McHugh at least 10 kids were lingering around Mr O’Kane’s house on Shelmalier Road and they are calling for witnesses at this very moment.

How did a 14 year old get his hands on a gun? Mr O’Kane was not a criminal or anything, he was citizen ho told a few kids to f*** off after they egged his house. It’s not even a particularly bad neighbourhood. What is going wrong in our society? Are we at a point where you have to fear for your life when you tell a few kids to get lost?

Obviously it is far too easy to get your hands on a gun if even a 14 year old can manage. Walking up O’Connell Street after dark is already unpleasant with the kind of youngsters in track suits hanging around there. If I now have to be worried that they carry guns then that is the end of it. Some parents seem to feel no responsibilities at all what their children are doing. May be this is where we are going wrong.

I would encourage gardai to temporarily arrest these kids if they cause public nuisance and fine their parents. And if their parents can’t deal with them may be it is time that we introduce boot camps where they learn, how rewarding honest work can be. The kind of behaviour we see on a daily basis is a disgrace. Nip things in the bud!


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  1. JD
    January 16th, 2009 @ 20:36

    FTA “…how rewarding honest work can be.” – who are you and what have you done with the real Kristos?!

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