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Second Referendum over Lisbon

Posted by | Kristian | December 11, 2008 | No Comments

Our Massimo Leader Brian Cowen today officially announced what we knew would happen all along anyways. Before the end of October next year we will have a second referendum on the Lisbon treaty. The Taoiseach negotiated a few deals that take Irish concerns into consideration.

As it looks we keep our European commissioner and we get legal guarantees on taxation, neutrality and that kind of stuff. This deal was finalised today so now we can go ahead. Can we?


Most people in the country did not forget what our European neighbours had to say after Ireland voted NO (and let it be by the tiniest margin). The French wanted to kick us out of the EU; ungrateful was one of the friendlier terms we were called at the time.

I personally believe that the Lisbon treaty is a good idea and that most of the people that voted NO had absolutely no clue what the treaty tried to achieve (a better Europe for all of us) but – and this is a capitol letter BUT – many of us got really pissed off with the attitude some of the bigger nations like Germany and France showed on what we consider a vital part of our democracy.

In Ireland the people can vote whether they want something as important as changing the way the EU works. Most countries didn’t bother to ask their people in the first place. They know exactly what the result would have been.

From what we hear a vast majority in France, Germany and other countries – politically mature citizen as I want to call them – would not have let this treaty pass. Their governments simply ignore what their employers (tax payer pay their wages after all) want.

How dare they giving out to the Irish people. We call this a democracy because the majority of people determines a nations course of action. This is how we do it and this is how it should be done in all countries. Let the people decide!

These days political parties in most European countries seem to have forgotten what democracy is all about. They don’t give a damn what the people want. I bet this is the very reason why hardly anyone in these countries shows up for elections and especially when they concern Europe.

I am not saying it is easy to explain everything to the masses, make them understand why it is so important that we do go ahead with Lisbon but sorry; this is what we are paying you for.

I personally hope that next time we will say YES to Lisbon but if not; don’t blame the Irish. I am sure if you would hold a European wide vote on Lisbon, you would find out what we – the citizen of the European Union – really want.


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