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Pork crisis in Ireland

Posted by | Kristian | December 8, 2008 | No Comments

Ireland made headlines all over Europe this week and as you can probably guess it wasn’t exactly good news. It never is. Pork produced in Ireland had to be taken off the shelves all over Europe since it turned out to be toxic. OK, full stop here. When it says toxic it doesn’t mean you drop dead when you eat a sausage, toxic here means the meat was contaminated with trace of Dioxin. That’s bad but no reason to panic. I certainly won’t empty my fridge and throw away what I got left from last weeks shopping.

Especially in the UK – the biggest export market for Irish pork – the tabloids picked up the story with such sensible headlines as “Poison pork panic: Irish pigs were fed on plastic bags”. The results are devastating for Irish exporters and it certainly isn’t their fault.


The toxin was in pig feed provided by one big producer in Carlow. Apparently they used inappropriate oil (what ever that means). I just hope they didn’t use mechanical oil because that would not just be stupid but dangerous on many levels.

One would think that a producer of animal feed (which is considered a low risk area among the inspectors from the Department of Agriculture) knows enough about this stuff to not mess it up in such way but no. They probably saved a few cents on the oil and willingly risked a potential harm to people’s health and the whole industry. The damage caused by this was estimated 100.000.000 Euro just as if we didn’t have problems enough already. It’s really annoying me.

I just hope they won’t let them get away with it and I have very personal reasons for it. Think about it! What does that mean for us?

Well, firstly there are no pork products in the shelf in the running up to Christmas which is pretty much a disaster. No bacon, no sausages, what on earth are we supposed to eat? And rumour has that they are looking into beef as well as if there could be an issue too. First reports seem to confirm that.

Brilliant; what are we going to do now? Become vegetarian? That’s not exactly what I had in mind for my Christmas dinner. For me it is not even such a big deal but a friend of mine is allergic to chicken so there is pretty much nothing left for him to eat and quite frankly I like my pork roast for Christmas as well.

Put – who ever is responsible for this – in a sack and beat them up. May be that will teach them. Do not temper with our food. In the current economic crisis we haven’t got much left anyways. Thank you!


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