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My New Best Friends – NTL

Posted by | Evil Kristos | April 22, 2009 | 1 Comment

First things first; I am aware that NTL is the best value for money internet in Ireland and I was a long term customer with them and for most of the time happy. As long as everything works they are fantastic. Painful and annoying it only get’s when you have any kind of problem with your internet connection. That’s not the reason they became my new best friends though. Useless tech support is pretty much a standard feature of any modern and self respecting IT company and no reason to get upset.

The reason why NTL are now on my shit list is a different one. I made a futile mistake with them. I for once believed something they said. In so far it is my mistake and I really shouldn’t give out. It just really annoys me and so I do.

Four months ago I decided to move apartments and one of the things you do on this occasion is cancelling your NTL account. I did that. In early January; after I had moved into the new apartment; I rang them and ordered internet with them. They asked for my details and I gave them. They realised that I had an active account with them and – fair play to them – asked why I didn’t just move the account. I answered that from my experience things move a lot quicker when you are a new and not an existing customer.

The rep was very friendly and seemed knowledgeable enough and assured me that this would not be the case. He swore that I am a valued customer and that they will move the account without any problems. Reluctantly I gave in and cancelled the cancellation. What a fool I am. I know.

For the next two weeks I did nothing but waiting. NTL had promised a call back and why would they not. How difficult can it be to turn on a switch? Call me naïve but I really thought it’s that easy. After I hadn’t heard from them in 3 weeks I called them. Their explanation was that they had a couple of problems moving the account to the new address.

They assured me that they were on it and it should not take more than a week, 10 days max. And there I was; 4 weeks with no internet but confident. Slightly annoyed I got when I noticed that NTL had failed to move the account but had succeeded in charging me. I called again. This time I was assured that I would get reimbursed once everything is working. Call me a fool but I believed it. Another four weeks passed, I called the a few times, they ignored me, you know how these things go.

Finally I was fed up and set an ultimatum. Unless the get their act together I would have to look for an alternative. The person I was talking to on the phone was very sympathetic to my case but – and this won’t surprise you – a week later I still had not received a phone call or anything else. Again I called them and cancelled the account.

The person I talked to assured me that she will sort it out and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything and that she was very sorry that she couldn’t help any further. Not her fault so I don’t blame her. Until that point I was OK with everything that had happened; not happy but OK.

At the end they even explained what had caused the delay. They didn’t get planning permission because they had to dig a canal to connect the building. This something they probably knew 2 months ago and should have mentioned but OK.

What really pissed me off was, that the following months I got charged again. When I contacted them in regards to my outstanding refund I was advised that I’m most likely not entitled to one. After all I had 4 weeks notice on the account and that only became effective by the early March (after I had given up waiting for them to get their act together).

NTL’s position on the subject is; that I had an ongoing contract with them and the fact that they have been too useless to provide any service would not entitle me to anything.

I have no problem with them being utterly useless. It’s their business not mine but taking the piss and charging me for it I don’t go along with. I am not quite sure how I will pursue this matter but I am sure I will. I called them again to explain my point of view, again was assured that they will look into it so I’ll give it another week.

This is basically how NTL became my new best friends. From now on I will call them my project. It’s only 60 Euro but this is a matter of principle. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.


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