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Don’t Hassle the Hoff

Posted by | Evil Kristos | November 6, 2009 | No Comments

Good news everyone. The Hoff, and yes I am talking about the American megastar THE HOFF, has bought a pad in Ireland and even better news: He’ll call it the Hassle Pad. Yippeeehhhhhh. Who would have thought of that?

He obviously isn’t taking himself too serious which I can’t blame him for. No one else does. He actually proved his point in recent years with the release of “jump in my car”. There he took all the stereotypes about David Bay Watch Knight Rider Hasslehoff and put them into this hilarious video. It was shot in Australia by the way.

I will admit when I first thought he is serious with this song and now lost it completely but you soon realise NO. He isn’t. It’s actually quite funny.

He also publicly admitted that he isn’t a great singer or actor for that matter but he claims that he knows how to entertain. I’ll give it to him but I wish our politicians were that honest.

Hasslehoff – and this actually surprised me; that he is a crap singer and actor I had figured out myself – is a good sport. He can laugh at himself and that’s a rare quality among celebrities.

Apparently his new nickname is a result of an interview. Conan O’Brien asked his guest rapper Ice-T if it is true that anyone could be taught how to rap. Ice-T replied yes. O’Brien then asked: Even David Hasslehoff? And Ice-T said: Of course, and his Rapper name would be “Hassle the Hoff”. The name took hold and instead of being pissed off about it The Hoff embraced it and even got T-Shirts printed with his face and “Don’t Hassle the Hoff” written on them. Fair play to the man.

Well after being – falsely I might add – associated with German pop culture for decades he is now moving to Ireland. Just wanted you to know. Ha, ha, hahahahahahahahaha … Wait, I live here as well … D’oh!


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