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Budget 2010 – About that …

Posted by | Evil Kristos | December 11, 2009 | No Comments

For weeks now people were whinging and moaning about what there – inevitably- was to come: The Budget. The country is broke and is losing a few trillion a day so of course they had to do something. We knew it will hurt but honestly; cutting costs is a reasonable approach.

When you go bankrupt as a private person there are few options. You could ring mum, you rob a bank or you look at your expenditure and get rid of what ever you don’t really need to survive. Also you look at ways to earn more.

So far so good; the government had more or less the same options available except that they got robbed by the banks so there was nothing to gain. They could ring mum (EU or worse IMF) or look at where the money comes from and of course where it goes.

The countries income mainly derives from taxes; obviously. A slight problem there because putting the taxes up even further was out of question. It really would be the end of Ireland as we know it. Just look at the situation; VAT is too high already that’s why people shop in the UK. At least they addressed that. Booze and cigarettes are so expensive that it is cheaper to book a flight to Spain and get hammered there than going out in Temple bar. If they put up the income tax even further people might decide it’s no longer worth it and go on the dole. And when it comes to things like capital gain tax Ireland is at the highest rate I ever heard off already. Did you know that the taxman takes a whopping 40 percent off all your capital gains which makes you wonder why anyone ever bothered buying stocks in this country? So what’s left?

Since the world is full of tree huggers and we all love the planet and want to save it a carbon tax sounds good. And so they did it. The tax doesn’t do anything for the environment but at least it sounds green.

From there they kept looking but as far as income goes that is pretty much all they could do.

Next they looked at their expenditure and this is where it hurts people. I understand that the public sector isn’t happy about the their 5% pay cut and I am not blaming them; still I say better them than me.

Cuts to social welfare; well you see I have to work for my money. Social welfare is not exactly low here. In fact it is so high that quite a few people don’t bother even looking for a job. If you work in a shop or chipper you will probably ending up earning little more than by watching tele all day and claiming dole. Quite a few people seem to think that it doesn’t worth their while. For all I care such bums need encouragement.

Social welfare is not meant to pay off a mortgage or enable you to hang out in pubs all day, it’s meant to help surviving. Even after the cuts there still is a lot left compare to other countries. One can criticise the system in place but that is a different story.

I for once am fed up paying for other peoples financial mistakes when I can’t even afford a mortgage myself. For years home owners laughed a people renting a place and ideally ripped them off. They drove big cars they couldn’t afford and now they pay the price. It’s not right to just blame the banks. Someone who earns 30 k a year but takes a mortgage for half a million is an idiot. The banker who gave to him is a criminal but it’s too late for that.

What else is there? They cut child benefits which sucks but then it wasn’t cut by that much (16 euro) so that’s not the end of the world.

What I found shocking was something else. When I read that they will reduce the Prisoner’s Wife’s Allowance by 8.30 € a week I was disgusted; and I am not talking about the cuts. I never heard of anyone ever rewarding the spouse of a person that committed a crime severe enough to be jailed for it. How can you possibly pay them an allowance? For what? We were paying for that with our tax money rather than building hospitals?

The list of benefits in this country is endless. No wonder Ireland went bust. There is hardly any encouragement to work and even less to secure your financial future yourself. For once the budget hit not only private sector workers. With the carbon tax I can live. I will try hard to drink more beer a week than my car drinks petrol. This way I won’t loose out and at the same time help the economy. Win – Win!

Brian Cowen in the past two to three weeks I started to respect you. Well played. The way you handled the unions, let them overplay their hand to an extend that you could actually impose a pay cut was a master piece. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

As for the budget; I’m glad you followed my lead. We will drink our way out of the recession!


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