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Night Link to Finglas

Posted by | Kristian | December 22, 2008 | 13 Comments


Dublin Busses night link is by far the cheapest, often enough the quickest and without the shadow of a doubt the most entertaining way to get home at night. If you are in Dublin and you do live outside city centre you have to give it a go. Taxis are for sissies.

For many years now I live in Blanchardstown. I’ve been on countless night links and woke up in the most random places so I would hardly call myself a night link rookie. And I am the first to admit that I did have some fun on these night busses. However, all I knew are the busses going towards Blanch.

Well, my girl friend is living is Finglas you know and since I was on my own last Friday I for the first time decided to take the night link to Finglas. With the two of us it makes no sense. A taxi is quicker and cheaper but with me being on my own I decided on the public transport option. That was a bold and brave move as I was about to find out.

Before I could do anything I had to find out which bus to take. Intrigued by the destination “Finglas South”, stated on one of the night links, I consulted the driver of this very bus. I asked him if – by any chance – he’d be going down Finglas Road. The answer was affirmative so I stepped on to the bus without hesitating and sat down.

There was a good 20 minutes wait to the busses departure but I was in no hurry. More guests entered the bus, among them 5 young girls that are best described as knackers. You can spot them immediately and if you don’t see them you certainly hear them. There are plenty in Dublin’s rougher north side districts.

The girls being ossified already – and I mean bollocksed, wasted out of their heads – sat down and started to talk about their plans for the rest of the night. From what I could not overhear they rang some of their friends in Finglas to inquire about a party that was already going on or about to happen. Obviously asked when they would arrive they shouted at the bus driver from the back of the bus something like “hey laddie, when are we taking off?” The bus driver was obviously used to this routine so he said 20 minutes.

The girls reported this to their friends and placed orders. You have to know that it is impossible to get booze in an off license after 10 pm so one could be curious where they thought they could order booze 2 o’clock at night but hey, I’m no local so what do I know. Apparently their friends had their sources (I don’t even want to think about what that exactly means) and so they ordered 4 pint bottles Bulmers each. Taking into consideration that they were wasted already that was an astonishing order but who am I to question them?

Finally the bus departed and with their orders placed and the plans for the night sorted the real conversation started. North Dubliners in general and knackers in particular have a very distinct accent. It is difficult to describe but for example they wouldn’t say funny but rather foony with a long pronounced u. It sounds hilarious that’s all I’m saying and I want to add that quite like the sound of it. Since they were shouting at each other I had no choice but to listen (and so did the rest of the bus) and I shall report.

Being young girls and wasted they boasted about their previous party experiences and stories went like this: Do you remember when we went to this party in Lulu’s place and the coppers chased us with their fecking helicopters? Damn choppers and their stupid searchlights. They should be hunting criminals. And ye know; then I pushed Lucy that fat biatch over the wall so she could get away from da fecking dogs? Well guess wha’; that ugly biatch is sti mad at me for tha. I fooking saved that biatch’s ass and all I’m getting is slaggin.

I admit; I cracked up laughing. These girls were early 20ies max but they certainly matched whatever you might have heard about North side knackers. I swear to god they went on like this for 20 minutes.

While I couldn’t hold it my seat neighbour looked at me and said: “You really shouldn’t laugh”. I said: “agreed, but is funny. Admit it.” So he did and we started talking. I mentioned that I’ve never been on the Finglas night link and so he asked where I’m heading for. I told him.

Now it was his turn to smile and he said; “man you certainly are on the wrong bus”. This is going nowhere near the Finglas road.
Well in a way I wasn’t surprised. I had asked the driver if he goes down a certain and well known road, without hesitation he had said yes, so for all I knew about (non-Irish) bus drivers I should have been very, very suspicious. My fault so no complaints.
I asked the guy where he reckons would be the best stop to hop off. He helped me out and a good 20 minutes later walking through lashing rain in the middle of the night I got to my girl friends place.

The front door didn’t open although I knew for a fact I had punched the right code but that didn’t surprise me. Some days are just like that and I do admit I got a fair value for my money on that particular night. If you want to meet Dubliners at their very best, use the night link!


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