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Government prepares third Lisbon referendum

Posted by | Evil Kristos | September 4, 2009 | No Comments

With the number of people in favour of the Lisbon treaty declining I am somewhat sure that our fearless leaders are preparing a third referendum already. It just doesn’t look like is if they would let this one go. I guess they don’t have much choice. As it stands there is only one way out of the mess we are in. Let someone else pick up the bill.

It might be due to our incompetence, the idiocy of our bankers and the corruptibility of our politicians but that doesn’t mean we should be held responsible. Should it?

You know, initially I was in favour of Lisbon. It makes so much sense it is almost scary. It would make Europe a better place. It would reduce bureaucracy, it would speed up decisions and streamline the whole apparatus. Europe could finally attempt to come up with a proper constitution. Come to think about it I can’t see any disadvantage. Why would you vote against it unless you got something to lose?

I can see why the Kaczynski brothers – the twin brothers that run Poland – wouldn’t like it. It would prevent them from blocking the European Union based on their dislike of a certain neighbour of theirs. What I couldn’t figure out was what the NO campaigners in Ireland had to lose? I really don’t get it.

Comes the second referendum I shall change my mind though. I strongly believe we should vote NO this time. And we shouldn’t do for no reason. It should be an honest and – for a change – informed decision. We don’t want to make the same mistake twice.

So why is this you reckon? I’ll give you a reason. I came to realise that in a way the voters were right the first time. It really isn’t fair on our fellow Europeans. We took so much advantage of them we should no longer screw with them.

I mean we got them to pay for most of our infrastructure. For years we were making friends by undercutting costs for corporations and through this measure attracting jobs that were ultimately lost in other European economies. We were boasting how smart we are and ho well our economy is doing. We did so without realising that our wealth was based on not much more than a pyramid scheme. The list of our failures is long but never ever did the others complain. They just got out the cheque book and paid. It really only started after we voted NO to Lisbon that they got fed up.

Quite frankly, if I were them I would have kicked us out of Europe already. They spent years negotiating the treaty and then Ireland comes and dismisses the thing without having even the slightest idea what it is about. Hilarious, they must have thought.

What surprised me the most was the government though. Despite our fearless leaders knowing that this NO vote was a possibility they simply could not be arsed to do anything about it. I mean they could have launched a campaign in response to the NO crusaders. After all, they just made up all kinds of crap. The NO campaigners could have printed posters and claiming Europe wants to ban outdoor shaggin’ and people would have believed it.

I never understood the motivation of these No campaigners but I hope they didn’t just do it for the laughs. That would be cruel. The government however deserved what they got.

So what are we going to do now? Admitting that we were wrong? Should we crawl back and bend down in front of the other Europeans? I am sure they will forgive us but could we live with the shame? If it wasn’t for the recession that proved once and for all that this country was run by a bunch of crooks we would probably not even consider voting yes. But what are we doing now?

I say, we should keep saying NO. At least it would be honest. By saying NO to Lisbon we could send a strong signal to the other European countries. It’s not that we are ungrateful or that we forgot what they did for us, it is purely because we don’t give a f*ck about them or the whole European project. How about that? And next year we’ll have another referendum.


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