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Christmas in Dublin

Posted by | Kristian | December 6, 2008 | No Comments

Dublin Ireland 12-2008

Dublin Ireland 12-2008

Well, we have to start this blog somewhere and what better time there is than Christmas. This year it is going to be interesting since recession hit Ireland pretty badly. I was kinda looking forward to be honest.

I’m not all that big on Christmas and for people like me that means stay away from Dublin city as far as you can. Once Halloween is over war breaks out. The shops roll out their attack forces, Christmas decoration everywhere, Christmas music (which I don’t mind on Christmas but we are talking about early November and this will go one for two months), on every corner bums in red coats shouting “ho, ho, ho” at you; I ain’t enjoying this at all.

With recession hitting us one would expect that people have better things to do than go shopping. Well, from what I can tell so far one was wrong. Dublins big shopping centers are under siege, it is business as usual. This is bad news since I live near one of these big shopping centers and have to pass it on my way to work. On a good day (summer holidays) it takes 7 minutes from door to door, during the “festive season” it takes 45.

To make matters worse the police this week started their annual “operation free flow” which means that traffic breaks down all together. It’s amazing how they manage. Traffic is always bad but the second gardai get involved it gets from bad to worse. Awesome and such a waste.

The thing is, I have to go to the city and I mean now. I’m panicking already. There’ll be zillions of people and I just want to meet a friend. I’ll probably be mugged and beaten up by the time I leave the bus.

Well … I gotta go


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