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S-Bahn train derailed in Berlin

Posted by | Evil Kristos | August 21, 2012 | No Comments

An S-Bahn train in Berlin derailed on Tuesday near Tegel. Six people were injured but thankfully there weren’t any casualties.

The accident was most likely caused by a defective switch but the reason is yet unknown. On Monday the railway control center nearby was hit by lightning. If there is a connection between the events is not known. The track bed suffered severe damage. The S-Bahn line S25 was closed until further notice.

The accident delivers another blow to the already poor reputation the local train system suffers with the Berliners. In the past few years negligence of maintenance and repairs, technical problems and a management that is best described as imbecile led to a decline in reliability and punctuality. The once model company now operates at the limit pretty much constantly with foreseeable results. Anything unexpected leads to a standstill. For example; who could guess that there is snow in winter? Not the S-Bahn operators. This much commuters learned last winter where passengers were left in the cold for 30 and more minutes.

The really sad part about it is that people love the S-Bahn. It is quick, used to be reliable and you get a nice view. If given a choice most people would use the train over subway or any other mean of transport in Berlin.

The 330 km long rail network covers not only Berlin but the surrounding areas as well making commuting quick and easy. There are an impressive 160 train stations and a pretty frequent service. Why they had to run it into the ground remains a mystery.

S-Bahn is run by of the German railway giant Deutsche Bahn.

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