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Medical marihuana legalized in Germany

Posted by | Evil Kristos | July 22, 2014 | No Comments

As of today it is legal for certain patients to not only buy but grow medical marihuana. You are surprised that Germany lifted this ban? So was I. I wasn’t aware that it is illegal in the first place.

A judge ruled today that a patient with a prescription for medical marihuana must also be given the permission to grow it by himself. The background of this decision or better the reasoning behind the complaint is that most patients cannot afford the weed from pharmacies. After all they are so ill that they cannot work and earn money. Since health insurances regularly refuse to pay marihuana bills the patients must be given the opportunity to look after themselves.

I am surprised that the jury ruled in favour of the three plaintiffs; but in a good way. What the court says is that the three patients – all three are suffering from chronical pain – must be granted the permission by the Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte (BfArM) which is a government body regulating pharmaceutical products.

That’s not exactly lifting the ban on growing marihuana but it is a good first step. We did see what happened in the US. States that lifted the ban on marihuana reported a drop in crime and healthier finances. So it was not the end of the world, anarchy on the streets or public debauchery as the critics predicted. Quite the opposite actually. And – to speak with Mr. Spock – just as logic would dictate. If we are very honest most people did not actually wait for some government to allow them smoking or eating their ganja.

A vast majority of Germans is pro legalization of marihuana and this is not because half of Germans are constantly stoned but because it is an idiotic law.


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