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Angie is pissed

Posted by | Evil Kristos | October 24, 2013 | No Comments

Since Edward Snowden first released details about the NSA and their attempt to monitor most of our internet traffic and even phone calls there has been a certain amount of outrage at the user end but almost no reaction from German politicians. They more or less acknowledged it, but there was no outcry. We could only suspect that this is because our local spooks used the NSA data as well. What legal construct they used to make this appear legal – it quite simply isn’t – we don’t know but our worst suspicions about big brother were confirmed.

When caught in the act most people blush and when there is no denying anyways, start confessing their sins. Not so our public servants in parliament. Quite the opposite actually.

Government official stated that no laws have been broken and that the US are or friends and allies. They tapped in to a few phone calls and monitor suspicious internet communication to fight terrorism. By doing this they allegedly prevented countless terrorist attacks. When asked for an example the minister could not name one of course but did not fail to point out, that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. A strange logic that is.

Even better was the advice to not use the internet for illegal things or to not publish any personal information if you do not wish to share it. We all know that most politicians are not exactly tech savvy but we also feel that – given the fact they don’t know shit about it – they should at least have to courtesy to not lecture us. Being beside the point is one thing, not knowing anything about something you are in charge off, a thing that can do potential harm to others is something else.

Shortly afterwards we learned that the NSA also hacked our online banking. At this stage even non-technical people did start to wonder when our elected government will start to act. We had to wonder for quite some time.

For you to understand how very much we wondered about our government in general and Angie in particular, how very much we were puzzled if not to say flabbergasted, let’s put this in to perspective.

Brazil for example, when they learned about the NSA surveillance efforts they summoned the US ambassador, immediately proposed an action plan to protect their infrastructure and on top president Roussef delivered a passionate speech at the UN complaining about the illegal spying.

France learned that 70 million French phone calls were recorded (in a single month?). Hollande summoned the US ambassador and the very next day he had Obama on the phone calling the spying among friends inacceptable. Strong words by diplomatic standards.

Germany learns that it is one of the NSA primary targets. Angie does … nothing. Her Minister of the Interior travels to the US, returns with a written confirmation form an NSA clerk that everything was legal and there was nothing to worry about. Not realizing that he was fobbed off he even tells this story to the press. One might ask why he travelled to Washington in the first place. He could have gotten this confirmation over the phone. Even worse; based on this “intel” the government decided that this is the end of the whole affair.

I mean WTF!

So far so bad but then something unexpected happened. Today we learned that the NSA was not only spying on us, the entire country but also an our beloved leader Angie the first and only. It looks like they tapped her phone. And now guess what. Angie is pissed off.

When I first heard it I almost pissed myself laughing. NOW she is pissed! What a surprise!

There is one thing I don’t get in this whole affair. Actually there are a few things I don’t get but let’s stick to this for the time being. Did the US really think they’d get away with it? What planet do they live on? Who needs an enemy when you have friends like this?

I guess one of the good things is that the German government finally had an epiphany. It dawned on them. They finally realized that the US government does not give a flying fart about their friends and allies in Europe. There is nothing special about our relationship.

The US is not sending killer drones and we trade but as far as government relations go … nothing. The US hardly has a government worth mentioning so what did we expect in the first place. Whoever awarded Obama the Nobel peace prize is probably kicking himself in the butt this very moment.

Call it irony but only a couple of days ago French president Francois Hollande asked Angie if she wants to support him against the US on the matter and she politely declined. Things have changed. Now that she is a victim herself she is calling the affair inacceptable and finally teamed up with Hollande to bring the subject on the agenda of the coming EU summit. Who would have thought?


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