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What next?

Posted by | Evil Kristos | March 10, 2010 | No Comments

The English guy (Ray) left the next morning. I had time to contemplate. I quite liked Krati and certainly would stay another night but what to next I wasn’t so sure.

There certainly is nothing wrong with Cambodia but for some reason I was a little disappointed. The country is not particularly photogenic. Most of the so called “attractions” weren’t very attractive to me and most Cambodians were a tiny little bit to eager. I often had the feeling that they saw me (and all tourists for that matter) as a cow here to be milked. I am sure Cambodia will one day be a good country to travel it’s just they are not quite there yet.

It’s by no means exotic, it isn’t as pretty as one would think knowing Laos and Thailand and the people are not as open and cheerful as I would have expected.

I met a couple of them who would talk to you without having a business interest in you but these were exceptions. One guy on the bus to Krati for example; he was on his way to his sisters wedding. He was quite interesting and he actually invited us to visit. Other than that there was a guy on the way from Siem Rap but he was more American than Cambodian. He was born in the country but spent his adult life in the US. That doesn’t really count.

Based on what I’ve seen so far I decided to not go to Banlung but rather go back to Thailand to enjoy a few quiet days on the beach. Before I’d go back I intended to do one more stop in Phnom Penh. There was one more place I wanted to see and that wasn’t the Killing Fields or the museum or another Wat but the FCC. FCC stands for Foreign Correspondents Club. I read and heard about that place and I was genuinely curious to actually see it.

Krati - Mekong at sunset

Krati - Mekong at sunset


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