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Posted by | Evil Kristos | February 27, 2010 | No Comments

I had made up my mind. It was time to leave Siem Reap. For a reason I don’t remember I wanted to go to Kompong Thom half way down to Phnom Penh, For a start I could not buy a ticket to that place but had to pay the full fare to the capital. I was not happy but what can you do?

When I got on to the bus I met the guy again that had led me to this brilliant guest house in Siem Reap. Looks like we both independently had decided it was enough. He was on his way to Phnom Penh. We had a quick chat and I presented him with my plan. He looked at me and asked: What is there? I told him I didn’t really know but there was some sort of temple nearby. Hearing myself saying it I already realized how fucking stupid that sounded. “What ever makes you happy man”, was his reply to this masterplan of mine.

I had doubts already and this didn’t help. Why I was on the bus down south I reconsidered my idea to go to Kompong Thom. I had little enough time and there was no particular reason why I wanted to go there. By the time we arrived I had more or less revised my plans already; seeing Kompong Thom did the rest. What a dump. I stayed on the bus.

After a five hours drive we arrived in Phnom Penh. At first glance I was unimpressed. The German guy again knew a good address so I followed his lead. Up until then I hadn’t had the slightest idea what Phnom Penh is like. Well it turned out it was not only situated at a river but also has a lake in the very heart of the city centre. Along the shore were a few cheap and rather cool guest houses.

The accommodation of choice (number 9) was booked out so we stayed in the drunken frog next door. The place was basically built on stilts in to the lake. We walked over moving planks but it was fine.

The rooms were basic but OK for the night. I didn’t like the guys running the place. They were just a little bit to eager. First they tried to sell us weed which I kindly declined since I don’t smoke, then they tried to get us drinking – again I had to say no – and then they pulled a stunt to get us eating in this place. I looked at the German guy and we both at once decided we will move in the morning.

Phnom Penh was rather interesting. It was nothing I expected. The guest house was at the end of a rather dark and dodgy alley; the kind you see in horror movies where it all starts to go wrong. Quite frankly; the whole part of town was rather dodgy looking. I felt a bit like a tourists arriving in New York and for some reason ends up in Harlem. It’s fine but you wouldn’t sent a virgin with a bucket full of gold on the street at night.

The streets were very narrow and angled. What one would call the main street, again only about 2 meters wide were some really cozy looking bars lined up. I actually liked it.

We went out to grab a bite and I was pretty happy with were I was. As I said; nothing I expected. Up until then Phnom Penh was a rather pleasant surprise.

Phonm Penh

Phonm Penh


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