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Things I forgot about Thailand

Posted by | Evil Kristos | February 20, 2010 | No Comments

I forgot how kind and friendly the Thai are. I forgot how incredibly beautiful the country is. I didn’t really forget but I forgot how really really pretty it is. I forgot how cheap it is and how easy to travel. I forgot how nice the food is. I forgot how chilled out one gets when sleeping in a hammock on a porch. I also forgot how mighty the mighty Chang beer is. Oh Buddha.

I actually got quite drunk last night and I don’t know how. At least it was in good company. Well not really, a bunch of French and Norwegian but we were playing guitar in the restaurant, which basically is a big bamboo hut and that was cool. Did I mention that I went to Ko Chang? Probably not.

May be I should start from the beginning for once. Initially and I mean at first I was really tempted to be a good boy. I wanted to do the sightseeing first because I know how lazy I get when I find a nice place. There is a real danger of getting lost when you come to a little paradise and in order to get to your next destination you have to make an effort. It is really not that easy. And I also know myself. Still I didn’t go to Angkor Wat but to Ko Chang instead and the reason for this is: reason.

I am not used to the heat or the sun or the … can’t think of anything else but the point is … wait the time difference, I knew there was another good reason … anyways the point is that I need to acclimatise first. Ko Chang is just the place. It’s a little paradise. It really is a very very cute island and by the time I dropped my backpack on the porch of my new home I knew I made a bad mistake. This will require not just a bit but a lot of effort to leave. Damn. I knew it. I only arrived one day ago and I am already stuck in a fecking paradise.

To continue the story; as usual I trusted the word of a complete stranger (who also happens to be a total alcoholic) and went to Porns Bungalows. I was told it is a great place and the guy was right. The place is quite cool. I also like the name. How can you possibly go wrong staying in Porns bungalow?

Porn Bungalow on Ko Chang

Porn Bungalow on Ko Chang

I also hooked up with two Austrians. Yeap Austria, Germany’s enemy to the south. They are a bit like Australians; weird and speak in a strange tongue no one understands. So why did I get hooked up? The answers I didn’t. They decided that I look like someone that knows his way around and followed my lead. They actually asked very politely if they could which was very nice of them.

Austrians in general are rather funny. How can I explain it? Put it this way; Austrians a very positive and forgiving. This may sound strange but it is true. For example; they truly believe that Hitler was German and Mozart Austrian when it was in fact the other way around. And before you start arguing with me; Mozart was born in Salzburg and Salzburg is now Austrian. However, when Mozart was born Salzburg belonged to Germany making Mozart German by birth. Another bit of useless information I agree but you may thank me one day when you bump into your first Austrian and don’t know what to say to them.

About Ko Chang; Chang is the Thai word for elephant and more important a very popular beer. Since I haven’t seen a single elephant I can only assume that they named the island after the mighty Chang beer. I think it is a good idea. Chang is a good strong word and the beer itself reflects this by being absolutely vicious. I like Chang (it doesn’t seem to like me though) and I like Ko Chang.

I am not sure if I will like it in daylight. It is surprisingly touristy for place that only became accessible to the public in the mid nineties. There are plenty of five star hotels and I spotted a few rather shady looking bars. One can only hope they are not making the same mistakes here they did in Phuket.

I’ve been there once and I swore to never set foot on it again. Phuket is probably one of the most beautiful islands in the world or it could be if it wasn’t packed with hotels and sex tourist. It was the first time I’ve ever seen such a place and the people that come with it. It’s as shocking as it is disgusting. I can only hope that it will be different in Ko Chang because they seem to be on their way judging from what I saw so far. Although they do have a pirate bar in the village. Knowing myself I will probably end up there at some stage.

Here in Porns the world is still an oyster and everything is as it should be; beautiful, slow and charming. I like this place and that’s another thing I forgot about Thailand: It’s addictive. I promised myself I will go to Cambodia this time and I will go to Vietnam but I can already see how I failed last time. Well I’ll keep you posted.

PS. Porns is a really cool name for a place. And it’s not what you think! Porn is Thai and it means soul. How beautiful is that?

PPS. I didn’t really forget them but I also don’t have sun screen, shower gel and swimming trunks. It technically is day 3 and I haven’t managed to go to a shop but I am working on it. Right now it is too damn hot and sunny so I stay were I am. How is winter working for you by the way? 🙂

Sunset on Ko Chang

Sunset on Ko Chang


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