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Ski-ing on your travels

Posted by | charlottec | January 24, 2012 | No Comments

Many backpackers go off round the world seeking sun and the sea, but there are plenty of winter sports you can do along the way as well.

Take ski-ing for example. You can do it in countries as diverse as Brazil, China, Japan and New Zealand, not to mention the many countries in Europe where ski-ing is a weekend pastime during the winter months for many people.

Including some ski-ing in a bigger trip is often a cheaper way of doing it, too. Ski holidays pure and simple are expensive, but a day here or there while you’re passing through can work out to be quite low cost. The only thing you lose out on is the cheaper hire of equipment over a longer period – hiring skis costs the same for a week as for two days.

On the other hand, while you’re going around on your travels if you find that you get a taste for ski-ing, there’s nothing to stop you spending longer on the slopes, whereas if you have booked a ski holiday you’ll always have a return date that might be difficult or expensive to change.

So, if you’re about to set off for a trip think about any stuff you might want to take with you. You won’t want to lug skis or ski boots around with you and you can buy or hire salopettes when you hire the skis and boots, but you might want to throw the accessories into your pack.

Some things will serve a number of purposes, of course. Thermal gloves are just as good for hiking and winter sightseeing as well as skiing – as long as you get ones that have a waterproof shell. In the same way, a decent pair of sunglasses can be just as useful on the ski slopes as on the beach, so you can make some savings by buying kit that will work for both summer and winter activities.


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