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Posted by | Evil Kristos | March 2, 2010 | No Comments

I have a confession to make. I like Sihanoukville. It’s wrong I know I just can’t help it. It has some stunning beaches; you can actually rent a scooter which is a big thing in Cambodia; everything is nice, great views, it’s still crazy enough to make you feel you are abroad, the food is awesome and there are some nice enough bars along the beach to hang out. Even better; the heat is bearable.

I had a splendid day. I rented a scooter in the morning and went on tour exploring the city. It’s not really big but spread out . I visited all the beaches and once again discovered that my guide book is full of shit. For example it praised Outres beach some six kilometres out of town. It’s supposed to be quiet. Rubbish! Ochheuteal Beach is actually quieter.

I went to see wether hill – which would hav been my first choise for the night – but the area really is dodgy. While I was driving around there I passed the Snake House. I heard about it so I went in. Put it this way they ain’t calling it snake house for nothing. The place is awesome. The tables in the restaurant are group around a huge aquarium. Everywhere are little cages and vitrines with snakes and other animals.

They got cobras, boas, iguanas and all kinds of animals including a little croc farm. What beats it is the seaturtle. It’s in a – far too small – aquarium at the side of the restaurant. Sea turtles are the most elegant creatures ever.

The restaurant is rathr pricy but that’s by Cambodian standards. The only thing I thought a bit odd was that they seem to have a Russian theme going. I was the only one in the restaurant not Russian. They even got Russian dishes on the menu. I enjoyed it anyways.

Next I went to the Independence hotel which is the most famous hotel in Sihanoukville. It’s quit something but a bit to expensive. Yo get a fanoulos view over the bay and when you walk a few meters down the stairs you have a private beach.

Next I went to the Vietnamese embassy. The guy in the hotel wanted 50 Dollars for a visa. I thought he is trying to rip me off so I wanted to see for myself. It wasn’t 50 but these greedy little buggers indeed wanted 45 bugs to issue a visa. Are they joking?

I mean for all I know it doesn’t include food, drinks and accomodation. What’s the money for? Tourists bring money in to the country. Collecting it at the border is a bit cheeky. I know my ultimate destination for this trip was meant to be Halong in northern Vietnam but I changed my mind. They can go and f*** themselves. I rather spend that money on whiskey and women to speak with an old blues song; and in Cambodia. I’m almost out of time anyways and this way I don’t have to rush.

Snake House

Sihanoukville beaches

Sihanoukville beaches

Sihanoukville Sunset

Sihanoukville beaches


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