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Siem Reap

Posted by | Evil Kristos | February 22, 2010 | No Comments

When I last left you I mentioned I did not feel so well. I had the sneaking suspicion that I had caught something and sadly I was again spot on. Me and my suspicions. By ten o’clock that night I was in bed with fever; shivering and sweating. Also I was in considerable pain. It wasn’t a pleasant night. I got little to no sleep. When finally the sun rose I was wrecked. By that time the pain had spread and was agonizing.

I would like to report some really cool injury, disease, spider attack, even food poisoning would have been acceptable but no; it was something rather uncool and unheroic. As it looked I had an ear infection. It doesn’t sound like much but the pain such an infection can cause you is considerable.

I went to the local pharmacy in search for some miracle cure from the local witch doctor but all they gave me was some ear drops. I bought them anyways. They didn’t help. By the early afternoon I gave up and took painkillers. Not very manly of me but what can you do?

I bumped into an Austrian doctor that afternoon and she recommended to see a doctor. By 4 AM I gave in and went. Who would have thought of that; the first place I visit in Cambodia is a GP. After waiting there for half an hour he received me, looked at me, asked what I want and sent me next door to a ENT. I went. At least he didn’t charge me for that advice. In Ireland that visit would have cost 60 Euro.

The receptionist in the ENT spoke practically no English whatsoever; but she could give me the price: 15 USD to look at it. I almost felt as if she is trying to get rid of me. I mean, you are not going to consult an ear specialist unless you have a serious problem, do you?

The doctors English was a little better but still unimpressive. The beggar kids in the street knew more English than him. He confirmed with me that I understood how much this would cost me and – after I once again assured him that he will get paid – he finally went to work.

The reception area and even the surgery looked a bit shabby but the equipment was surprisingly modern. He had an endoscope and even showed me the pictures he took. Ears really do look ugly from the inside. God knows why he chose that profession. And; there was no denying; that was one hell of an infection.

He then decided the ears needed cleaning and another 30 USD went down the drain. The procedure was so painful that I actually wanted to smack him. It would have been painful without the infection but as inflamed and sensible as the ear was, it was pure hell. May be this is where ear doctors get their kicks.

After he was satisfied with his work we came to the part I was most interested in: medication. He gave me antibiotics, painkiller some anti-inflammatory and more ear drops. He gave me a special price for a special friends obviously. 80 Dollar poorer I went home where I took the tablets.

Because of the pain I could hardly chew anyways so I went for a rather light dinner and straight back to bed. Because it was my lucky day on tele there was a choice between wrestling and Jurassic Park. Well; I haven’t watched Wrestling for a while and I soon remembered why.

At last someone had mercy on me; the fever came back and I went to sleep. I could not have watched that another episode of Monday Night Raw without shooting the television. The only conciliation that day; the weather was crap anyways.

Rush Hour in Siem Reap

Rush Hour in Siem Reap

PS. In the afternoon I had gone for a little walk and decided Siem Reap is not particularly pretty. The river could make it picturesque but somehow it doesn’t work. And since the river is not flowing but rather “laky” it is a surprisingly stupid place to build a city. No wonder they have more mosquitos here than an African jungle in rainy season. A pond in this kind of weather is the perfect breeding ground.

Siem Reap

Siem Reap River


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