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Scottish government urged to go green

Posted by | charlottec | January 6, 2012 | No Comments

There have been calls for the Scottish government to get a lot greener in its driving habits after it was revealed that just a small percentage of its fleet is made up of “green” vehicles.

Just 14% of the Scottish government’s cars are green. From a total cohort of 208 cars, just 26 are hybrids whilst three are all-electric. This is surprisingly low considering how many of today’s new car offers include alternatives to petrol or diesel, from some of the main car makers such as Honda andToyota.

The disappointing environmental figures were given in response to a parliamentary question from the Liberal Democrat transport spokesman Jim Hume.

Mr Hume said: “The SNP love to say that they are world leaders on climate change, making the most of every opportunity to talk the talk on the environment. However these answers reveal that the SNP are not taking enough action in Government to back up their warm words.

“With only 14% of their fleet either hybrid or electric, they are not setting the example that we would hope for from a government that has set significant climate change targets.

“The technology for electric or hybrid cars is improving and the cost of electric vehicles has dropped significantly so it would be good to see this SNP government making more use of them.

“By opting for vehicles with cleaner emissions they could be setting a real example for the rest of the country to follow.”

Hear hear!

Although the Liberal Democrat transport spokesman is clearly trying to make a little political capital out of the SNP’s policy, he still makes a very valid point of course. If the public sector doesn’t take the lead in adopting more environmentally friendly motoring habits – then who will?

Nevertheless, the Scottish government isn’t doing too badly in what are, after all, very troubled times economically speaking. A spokesman for the Scottish government pointed out that its car fleet includes both hybrid and electric vehicles – saying: “The typical vehicle now purchased for use by Ministers has CO2 emissions that are 31% lower than the vehicles used by ministers before 2007.”


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