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Phnom Penh

Posted by | Evil Kristos | February 27, 2010 | No Comments

I rose early but not because I wanted. Some Muppet decided to switch on loud techno music rather early in the morning. I was not pleased. I was kind of alright with the place until then and also lazy to move but the music did it. I got out of my room and I was furious. The guys apparently could read my mind and immediately apologized. It was too late. I went next door and booked a room there.

Finally in the accommodation of choice (Number 9) I did something I should have done before; I inspected the room. On paper it was good but it had no mosquito net and much worse no shower. I was not impressed but too late.

Initially I had planned to do some sight seeing. By 9 AM it was so hot that I could hardly move. I don’t normally mind hot but 38 degree in the morning and not the slightest bit of wind is too much even for me.

For the rest of the day I was hanging around, unable to move. I started to read the guide book in regards to things to do in Phnom Penh. Just by reading it I could rule out 90 percent of the suggested sites. I simply could not be arsed.

I mean there are plenty of interesting sites. The museum sounds interesting and certainly the killing fields but is this really something I want to see? There is an old French quarter with colonial buildings, two markets that sound cool, the Royal palace, a couple of temples, elephants, a shooting ground where you can shoot a cow with a Bazooka (that actually did tempt me), young rich kids doing street racing, really there are things to see. If it was a little bit cooler may be …

I know it sounds harsh but I am tempted to move on. It is simply too hot to do anything and the mosquitos – after all it is a lake although there isn’t much left of it – were driving me nuts. I shall see. At tis stage I am having fantasies that involve one thing: a cool breeze on a cool beach.

Phnom Penh Number 9

Phnom Penh - Guesthouse Number 9


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