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Posted by | Evil Kristos | June 11, 2011 | No Comments

Unless World War III broke out I was woken up by the biggest Thunderstorm in recorded history It was so loud I stayed awake for at least a minute until I passed out again. The stuffed Squids I had for dinner tasted alright but they certainly didn’t agree with me. I still had a rather nasty taste in my mouth. At least the wind had calmed down. Considering how little was happening in the village I decided to move on anyways.

The bus ride to Trogir was short and enjoyable. On the way I saw the perfect picture stop for Primosten and even worse within walking distance to town. I could have thought of that. I actually did think the spot would be perfect, just couldn’t be arsed to check it out. Well; too late.

The Dalmatian landscape is rather spectacular. The coast looks like it was ripped apart, leaving countless fjords and islands. I can see why people like sailing here.

Trogir was a pleasant surprise. For a start; it was sunny. Also it is quite pretty. The mediaeval town is located on a small island, separated from the mainland by a narrow canal. On the other side is another island; much bigger and hilly. There is the newer part of town. Still pretty but not in a touristy way. The second bridge is quite something. It is shaking when you simply walk across. Can you imagine how it feels when a massive truck or a bus drives across it? Cool.

Even better; when I walked across the bridge I saw a hostel sign posted. Good news. It turned out to be rather nice. Modern, clean and friendly. It is certainly the best place I have seen so far.

My first walk lead me to the beach. I had to cross a mountain to get there. You don’t actually have to but I didn’t know that. Still a nice walk although the heat was pretty brutal.

I didn’t care much for the beach but I wouldn’t hold this against Trogir. All the beaches in Croatia seem to be alike. Not sand, not pebbles more like limestone or splint crushed with a hammer.

The old town is absolutely astonishing. It is all you expect. What I don’t get is why they built a fenced football pitch right at the top of it. The island is pretty small. You would have thought they could find a better place for it than a prime location on a UNESCO heritage site but then I know nothing. The only thing that bothered me a little bit is the huge dry dock they built just opposite the island. Who came up with the thought that such a beautiful place needs a massive and noisy industrial complex right next to it? It couldn’t spoil it for me though. I simply like Trogir.

PS. Looks like they were so touched by my visit, they named a pizzeria after me. I didn’t go there. I know my pizza.

They were so touched by my appearance they named a pizzeria after me

They were so touched by my appearance they named a pizzeria after me


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