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Posted by | Evil Kristos | June 15, 2011 | No Comments

I made it. I am in Albania. I can’t believe it myself. The journey went surprisingly smooth. The American I mentioned negotiated a taxi to Shkoder. 40 Euro wasn’t to bad, 20 Euro each. By staying in Ulcinj I’d spend more than that and I had no particular interest in the place. My initial plan was to stay in Shkoder but when we arrived their, I wasn’t to impressed. The town might be a some awesome lake but a) it was a dump and b) I couldn’t see that bloody lake. My American comrade seemed to be well informed so I kept with him.

The road to Tirana is OK I guess, at least by Albanian standards. One takes the mini van, I was told. And was a heap of junk but it did get us there so I won’t be complaining too much. I saw some pretty fair driving though. And loads of police lingering a the side of the road with their speed cameras. I counted four of them between Shkoder and Tirana. That’s may be 100 kilometers. Our driver was pretty astonishing. He spotted them from a mile away. I could always tell because he put on his seat belt on approach. Good man.

In Tirana I also got the feeling that these mini busses are not exactly legal. I refuse to stop next to a cop. I guess he knew why.

At first glance Tirana was a total dump. Americano told me though there is a decent hostel. I followed him. We eventually hit a part of town that didn’t look like a Bolivian slum. When we finally arrived at the hostel I was up for a surprise. That place was simply astonishing. An absolute gem and run by super friendly people. The beds were fine, the rooms a decent size and they had garden with a bar. I was one very happy camper!


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