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Posted by | Evil Kristos | June 15, 2011 | No Comments

Finally, I am leaving Croatia for good. My next stop is Montenegro. Kotor sounded fabulous. Situated at the end of southern Europe’s deepest fjord and surrounded by mountains. The setting was spectacular indeed. The first thing that caught my attention though was a large cruise ship. They’ve got to be kidding me.

I found a nice place with an elderly couple. The room was average but the house itself quite cute. It had a tiny garden with quite a view. They were very hospitable as well. On my way I noticed that Kotor also has an Old Town. That would explain the cruise ship.

I walked down to the harbour and got a coffee. There were loads of small fishing boats, as you’d expect, but also three kick ass yachts. My first thought was, Roman Abramovich is in town. Especially one of them stood out. It was dark grey and at first glance looked like a military vessel. I mean, how small does your penis have to be that you think, I need THAT!

Kick ass yacht in Kotor

It was quite cool actually and it is called the sea force one. A very manly boat. The only thing it was lacking; the Swedish bikini team sunbathing on the upper deck; and may be some laser guns. Thats just my opinion though.

Kotor indeed has a medieval town, walled and everything. Another pretty city then. Behind the old town a small path lead up to first a church and then the castle. The view from up there was just spectacular. I didn’t get the bad weather I desired – this fjord must look pretty amazing in dark, stormy weather – but I was still satisfied.

Montenegro; what do I have to say about it? Actually; I like it. It is as pretty as Croatia and as cheap as Bosnia. A perfect combination. Even better is their currency. They don’t have one so they use Euro. Bless them. The only drawback I can see is this little “arrangement” they seem to have. In order to get to Albania one has to go to Ulcinj. The bus leaving at 12.10 is OK, but then you have to wait until the next day because the bus from Ulcinj to Shkoder in Albania leaves at … 12:10. Perfect really. Gong through Podgorica, the capital doesn’t seem to work either. Apparently there is road between Podgorica and Shodar on he other side. The only way around is going at 6 AM to Budva, then to Ulcinj and catch the bus. I couldn’t be arsed.

On the small bus to Ulcinj I met an American who had a better idea. He wanted to take a taxi across the border but that’s a story for another day.


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