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Laos can go and …

Posted by | Evil Kristos | March 10, 2010 | No Comments

The next morning I was packed and ready. We went for breakfast – never ever go to Pizza Boy in Rd 13. It’s rubbish – and then across the road to the travel agent. I asked him when the next bus to the border would go. He said not until 14.30. The last bus had just left.

I looked at him. It was 8 AM and it was the very same guy who had told me the day before that the busses would go until 12. Just typical. It was then that I decided I will never ever return to Laos and I will tell every single person for the rest of my travels (and mean ever) that Laos is the biggest shit hole in the whole world.

They are not just greedy and useless; that’s not it. I’d understand that but they really do give you the feeling that you are a wallet with legs and even as such they don’t seem to welcome your presence. Summarizing Laos goes like this: The people are dishonest and indifferent. From my experience they try ripping you off whenever there is a chance and on top at least some of them steal your stuff. I admit I am not particularly careful with my stuff. I never lock my room and I let things fly around but then I always do and nowhere else I had this problem. To Laos I went twice and both times I saw things disappearing. Last time it didn’t happen to me but all the other people on the boat up the Mekong reported stuff missing after our over night stop in Pak Beng. I guess the only reason that it had not happened to me is that the owner of the place was afraid of me. I had a bit of a run in with him in the evening so he stayed away from my room.

Anyways; as far as I am concerned there is absolutely no reason go to Laos. It has been like this six years ago. I never really looked at it this way. I tried to come up with reasons why may be I didn’t like it and it was me but no. It was their attitude that had put me off. The roads got better and now they have ATM but other than that it is still the same miserable country.

With no alternative – I did check with our travel agents of course and they all said the same – I booked a bus to Bangkok. It meant spending half a day with nothing to do but at least I had good company. Without Ray being there I probably would have paid for taxi jut to get out of there.

A van picked me up at round 3 in the afternoon at so it was time to say good by.

We got to the border quickly. Despite arriving before 4 PM when the border closes we had to pay the border guard for overtime. March 8th as we all know is the international day for the women and a bank holiday all over the world. Of course the (male) staff at the border, missing the mighty celebration on this most important holiday, had to be compensated. I really wasn’t surprised.

Once across the border things moved a bit smoother. I didn’t enjoy the over night bus to Bangkok, I didn’t enjoy the humid heat in Bangkok (despite arriving at 5 AM it was unbearable) and once I arrived in Pattaya I realized that I am a Muppet. What did I expect? Of course it is as bad as people say. Even in the early hours of the day the place is a shit hole.

Since I was knackered I got a room and immediately booked a van to Ko Chang for the next morning. There is absolutely no reason to stay in Pattaya. Even the beach sucks. I did expect that of course. It was worth coming here just to be sure I was right all along when I avoided coming here. Pattaya is what I would call the dark side of Thailand. It is similar to Pattong except there they got a decent beach and plenty to do in the neighbourhood. Pattaya therefore is worse and I shall never mention it again.

And this is where I leave you dear reader. We’ve been together to Ko Chang so I will take it easy from here. Only a couple of days left which I shall enjoy on the beach.

The verdict then:

Cambodia in many ways I enjoyed it just isn’t as pretty as I expected. I would have liked to spend a little bit more time in Phnom Penh.

Laos: My personal opinion of Laos has changed slightly. I didn’t like it before, now I actually think it is a shit hole and should be avoided. A place where one is not welcome one should not visit.

Thailand still rocks. It is easily the most beautiful of the three, the most diverse and interesting, certainly the easiest to travel and by far the friendliest place. It is slightly more expensive but still the best as far as value for money goes.

I have spoken!


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