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Posted by | Evil Kristos | March 10, 2010 | No Comments

Once again I was surprised by Phnom Penh. It really isn’t as bad as one would expect. The Tuk Tuk drivers are annoying – which comes with job – but other than that the place is rather mellow. Even the heat was more bearable this time. This probably had to do with the fact that I had chosen a place with air condition. It get’s you through the worst part of the day.

The French quarter is no real beauty but it is charming. At the end of the day that is what really matters. I spent a pleasant evening in a quiet bar and went to bed early.

I had booked a place on the bus to Krati for the next morning. A mini van picked me up from the hotel. On the way to the terminal we collected another person who turned out to be a well traveled English guy.

We ended up siting next to each other in the bus so it was rather pleasant journey. Travelers always have a few tales to tell and he was no exception. He was on his way to Laos but then decided to get off the bus in Krati as well.

Our hotel of choice was booked out so we went next door. The hotel looked OK but certainly was a rather odd place. The people running it weren’t just indifferent they honestly gave you the feeling that you are not welcome. I needed a place to crash so I didn’t really care but still; what an unusual way to run a business.

Krati itself I quite liked. It is chilled out. You don’t see anyone rushing anything. The waterfront facing the Mekong had a touch of French quarter. It looked rather nice. The view across the river was spectacular. The Mekong for some reason is a beautiful river. It is different from any other river I have seen. The had wide stretches of sand on each side almost looking like a beach. It gives a certain touch other rivers don’t seem to have.

The thing to do in Krati is sitting at the waterfront, chatting and drinking. The Tuk Tuk drivers are very eager to get you to a place up the river where you allegedly can watch Dolphins. I decided against it. For some reason the Tuk Tuk drivers annoyed me. From my experience watching Dolphins in a muddy river doesn’t really work. Why bother?

Krati - view over the Mekong

Krati - view over the Mekong


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