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Go green and hire

Posted by | charlottec | January 16, 2012 | No Comments

One of the strange things modern backpackers are finding is that hiring a car can actually be one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to get around remote corners of the world these days.

The romantic image of the backpacker walking many miles over deserts, through rainforest, half-frozen tundra or hacking through dense undergrowth just doesn’t really apply in practice.

Yes, it’s a nice image and you almost always do end up doing a lot of walking and hiking when you’re traveling around the world.

But the truth is that – more than anything else – you also do a lot of hanging around in places and a lot of moving from this place to that place.

And as the corners of the world without transport infrastructure become fewer and fewer so it becomes harder to travel in the traditional backpacking style. Also – there are many places where you just can’t get a train very easily whilst the bus rides are a little sporadic and, shall we say, “hair-raising” to say the least. And if you get a taxi over a long distance; well, you may as well have hired a car.

And if there are a number of people traveling together – hiring cars can actually be an environmentally friendly option – particularly in those parts of the world where you’re able to rent eco cars.

So don’t write this off as an option, and please don’t pigeonhole other travellers who choose hire car as an option. The fact is that many “green” cars like the Honda Insight, have now been around for quite some time; the environmentally-friendly technology from these hybrid vehicles is nothing new. But what is is their availability to hire. And it’s so often the greenest of all options.


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