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Andi in The USSR 17.08.2010

Posted by | Andi | August 17, 2010 | No Comments

after waking up we went down to Red square again and lined up for a visit of Lenin in his Mousoleum. The line wasn’t too long and after a chat with a guy and his girlfriend from Murmansk we were about to go in. Just dropping off our bags with all cameras and phones at the office and throught the metal detector. There is no charge fro the mousoleum but 60 Roubles to drop off your bag.
The body inside the cofin is well preserved and did look a bit atrifical.
We went to a childrens fair in an exibition hall because we saw lots of people going in there and it seemed to be somehing interesting, but it wasn’t. So we used the facilities there and headed on to the Zoo. On the Way Basti grabbed a baked potato from a russian fast food chain and I had Kebab kind of thing.
We realized that we were fairly close to the White house on the Moscwa and headed down there to have a look.
Having a rest on the stairs leadind down to the river with a nice view to another one of those stanlin gothic buildings.
This one is the Raddison hotel. Also passing by was a Porsche Carrera GT with quite some speed.
Walking back the Golden ring (10 lanes each way) we arrived back at the hostel to charge our batteries (electronics and body) and then headed off to the Metro Station to catch our train to Yaroslavskiy to get on our train to Novosibirsk.
We had a burger at a east european chain ,Hesburger, which I really enjoyed. After this we went down the road to find a supermarket. A guy showed us the wrong way the shop but we turned a different way and found one and also learned that ‘magazin’ is what they call a supermarket here.
We got some water, chocolate and of course a bottle of Vodka.
We couldn’t find any instant soups or something like this.
Back at the station we waited another 2 hours for the train and finally when we got in we met our new roommates for the next 2 days. Bob and his son Bobby from Cincinnati, Ohio.
Good guys and after we moved a couple of kilometers we opend the bottle of vodka and another couple of Kilometers it was empty.
Our compartment is a cozy 4 bunk bed 4 square meter place, but very clean and efficent usage of the space. we even have a TV and reading lamps here. Also important – a power plug.
For a nice finish of the day we watched “the horror train”. An old film where a monster kills everyone on this very train I’m writing you from now. The film was staged in the early 20th century though.


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