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Andi in The USSR 16.08.2010

Posted by | Andi | August 16, 2010 | No Comments

Even with the time on your hands you would think you have on a train ride like this I can’t write all of the events down in this blog very detailed.
I’m a bit lazy, and this should still be a nice holiday, right? But I still want to get the information out there to you and hope you are enjoying these articles.
On Monday morning we went down to the Kremlin and lined up at the wrong ticket office to get the tickets. Finally we got them from another office on the right and after locking our bags away we went into the Kremlin.
Ivan the great bell tower and star Bell
archangel cathedral
cathedral fo annunciation
Cathedral of Assumption
Church of the twelve apostel
Anyway, after our visit here we went up to the old Arbat and had a look at this nice shopping / dining and drinking street. We had lunch at a american diner and found a nice little irish pub, who’s owner was stationed in Chemnitz in east Germany 25 years ago.
Down to moscwa and boats tour to the Kievskiy Station
along Gorky park ice stadium and Olympic stadium Lemonosov University
Metro rush hour back to Hostel
Rest at hostel
Later beer in Pub and chick on motor bike
Red square – Photos
Home to hostel


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