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Andi in The USSR 15.08.2010

Posted by | Andi | August 15, 2010 | No Comments

Shame on me, I have not updated the blog.
That’s partly due to the missing internet connection for the last couple of days but also due to the fact that I have been lazy.
I tried to put all the expiriences into nice written articles but failed so far. however, a few days went down in writing of sentences. Others are still notes.
I hope you will still enjoy it and please post some things in here if you like it… it will keep me going 🙂

Long walking tour through moscow
side streets
Bolshoiy theatre
Metropolitan hotel, coffee for 500 Rubels
Red square
Gum, nosebleed
Little Churches
Stalin Gothic building
Follow the moscwa down to gorky park.
Gorky park, russian menu, lucky with choice (salad and shrimp)
Lenin and Stalin statues
Beer in the park on the bench
Fun fair and Scorpions on the under path
Walking back over the novvy Arbat to red square and back to the hostel
Food in the pub, really nice Lamb
Back to redsquare with the camera, bit foggy and smelly
Home to bed


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