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Andi in The USSR 14.08.2010

Posted by | Andi | August 14, 2010 | No Comments

So the check in and security check were fairly quickly but also the shops and more importantly the pub were closed.
After a bit of waiting and reading the last pages of the travel guide to Moscow I was allowed to get on the plane.
Last row right window was mine, next to a guy from Riga managing a hotel in Dublin. Nice converstaion but after a couple of minutes I had to doze off and just woke up on the decent into Riga.
The nice new airport was not very busy either but the coffee was expensive. After another 2 1/2 hours of waiting here we got on our aeroflot flight to Moscow Sheremetjevo.
On the plane I was sitting next to Hurley form “Lost” I was thinking. He presumably just changed his haircolor to red but all apart from that he just looked like Hurley. Though, he didn’t eat his free sandwich. Anyway, I had the left side of the windowseat and enjoyed the view. I had to fill out an immigration card, stating your name, passport number and several other things.
Arriving in Moscow at 11:20 on Saturday now. The sky was clear and the air hot but no signs of smoke or smog of the forest fires all news were talking about.
When going through immigration I was in the middle of an average long line and after everyone on front of me to their sweet ass time I ended up being the very last person from at least 2 planes going throught the barriers. My bagpack also was the very last on the belt which already stopped moving.
So grabbed it and got packed walked around the airport for a bit and finally found my way to the aerport express after refusing about 15 taxidrivers a good deal.
The train is about 300 Rubels (1€ = 40 Rubels) and takes 35 minutes, passing through the suburbs and finally arriving at Belarusskiy station in the north west of Moscow.
Trying to find your way around on the metro sysytem in moscow not knowing the kyrillic signs was not easy. There were no roman translations at the station I went to. At some point I just decided to take my chances and jumped on one of the metro, assuming it must but the right line and direction. It wasn’t! I turned up at a different station (Barrikadnaya), where I had to change the line 7 to get to Pushkinskaya.
After quite a bit of walking zickzak I arrived at the Chocolate hostel very sweaty and thursday.
The nice young recepionist showed me the dorm for 8 people. As it was 4 pm (moscow time) by now all beds were empty and I just layed down and wanted to rest for some time. At 7 I got up agian I had shower and went out for some food. Had to go with subway as I wasn’t really fond in trying anything I couldn’t even read on the menu at this time.
After I came back to the hostel I had a beer with australian Bernhard from London and after a couple of texts and phone calls from Basti, he found hsi way to the Hostel as well.
The Chocolate Hostel is a nice place, in an old Moscow apartment house, a bit smelly adn dark in the hallways but, ncie, cozy and veryfriendly in the appartment itself.
It’s located 15 minutes by foot north of red square off Tverskaya (a wide 4 lane road – each way).
After Basti settling in a bit we went down to the Pub with Barnhard and had a couple of pints. Going with the cheapest is most of the time a good idea, as the pub will charge you up to 8 € for a pint of forign beer and onlt 2 or 3 for a local one.
After chelsea winning 6:0 Bernhard went home and we went down to res square. It was 1 am at that time and it was nearly empty, but Basil Cathedral was still brightly lit up and standig proud at the end of the square with so much strange atmosphere to it.
We walked around the outer walls of the Kremlin and then back to the Hostel, unfortunately waking up the receptionist as she was the only staff person on site.
No need to say, that we slept well that night.


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