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Andi in The USSR 13.08.2010

Posted by | Andi | August 13, 2010 | No Comments

All bags are packed, fairly heavy they are! Big one on the bag small (well not really, but smallER).

Saying goodbye to Yuni, won’t see her for another 3 weeks now 🙁 and left the appartment… I took the lift down, because I would probably have fallen down the stairs when using them.
Half way out Yuni ran after me and escorted me to the bus stop. Then, when I jumped on the bus I was the only one on it and at the eastlink toll box the driver had a chat with the man inside for about 10 minutes before we continued.
Anyway we were not in a rush, the plane left at 01:15 in the morning and as I found out later, the airport was barren. No one around aside from the fellow passengers on my plane to Riga.


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