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Don Det – Don Khon

Posted by | Evil Kristos | March 10, 2010 | No Comments

Despite the lack of air condition it was a pleasant night. Electricity was only introduced to the island a few months ago so a even having a fan in the room was pretty much a novelty. There finally was a bit of a breeze so the heat was bearable.

We were about to leave for breakfast when I noticed that my small camera was not where I had left it. I asked Ryan if he had seen it but of course not. He was passed out the night before. He promised to ask the girls who were cleaning the place but they claimed they had not seen it either. It looked like I was right were I had left Laos six years before. I checked the room again but the camera was gone. I had a backup of most of the pictures but it still pissed me off.

A modern small digital camera is pretty much useless without the charger so whoever took it had no use for it. It was just for the act of taking it. The only ever country where I had people stealing stuff was Laos and it happened right again. I suddenly remembered what I disliked about Laos.

Well there was nothing I could do and it could have been worse so screw it. We went for breakfast. The plan was to have some food and then go seeing the main attraction on the islands – a waterfall.

The breakfast was quite nice. We went across the bridge and this was when it happened. Some greedy midget stopped us and wanted 2.50 Dollars to get onto the neighbouring island Don Khon. Ray asked, what we the money was for but it didn’t really get an answer. It pissed him off so badly that he told the guard to fuck off. We went back across the bridge to the Shangri La.

Since it was dry season the water level was quite low. I suggested to simply wade through the river. We asked Ryan but he was rather useless. We decided to just give it a go and went.

The riverbed was slippery but it never really got deeper than the waist. It was tricky but alright. We actually quite enjoyed it. The river crossing was part of it but even more fun was that we did something we were not supposed to do. It wasn’t about the money – 2.50 is nothing – it was more the act of charging us for nothing, that we didn’t like. Evading it by wading through the river just felt good. And how many people can claim they crossed the mighty Mekong on foot?

Don Det - Crossing the mighty Mekong

Don Det - Crossing the mighty Mekong

Ray at some stage turned around and said he now understood why I didn’t like Laos back in the days. Based on that first impression he decided to cut the trip short and move on rather quickly. As I said we had a similar taste in places.

Once we had crossed the river we simply turned right and looked for a path. One simply cannot get lost on a small island. We didn’t really have directions but the waterfall was supposed to be nearby and on the western side of the island. Also, we had time.

Soon we heard the falls so we turned right and made our way through the undergrowth. It was quite hot and we had to climb through some rocks. I wouldn’t say it was easy but we certainly enjoyed ourselves. We ended up at the first fall just above the main fall.

The terrain was quite rough. Ray kept going but I eventually decided that I don’t quite fancy going any further. Some call it vertigo I call it common sense. One has to know his limits and I got quite close to it. I went back to the shore, Ray kept climbing through the rocks. We eventually met again at the main fall.

Despite the low water level the fall was quite watery. Since it was a tourist attraction the place was rather busy. With a bit of patience it was alright though. The group that was there buggered off and there was a window until the next one arrived.

There was a sign pointing to a beach. It sounded interesting enough and with the heat – it was around noon – a little swim seemed appropriate.

Surround by dark rocks there indeed was a little beach and it was awesome. Just underneath the fall here was a big enough pool to swim. There was a current but it was not particularly strong so I’d consider it safe. I really enjoyed the swim. Because of the falls above the pool the water was full of oxygen and a lot colder than further up the river. It actually was refreshing.

Eventually we went back, I wanted to get out of the sun. It was a little too late – I had a slight sunburn on my legs – but who cares. Ray suggested to go back the other way across the bridge and see what happens. In a way I was curious myself.

The guard looked as us but didn’t say a thing. He obviously didn’t care enough. What a surprise.

The final highlight of the day was something else. We stopped at Lutzes place again. I asked him what he could recommend. He suggested meat balls with mashed potatoes and gravy. That sounded delicious. I went for it and I swear it was some of the best meatballs ever. They were almost as good as the ones I do.

Very satisfied with our days work we went home.

Don Khon

Warning Sign - they are telling me now?

Don Khon - Upper part of the Waterfall

Don Khon - Upper part of the Waterfall

Don Khon - Waterfall

Don Khon - view from the beach below the waterfall


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