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Don’t go camping without….

Posted by | charlottec | April 2, 2012 | No Comments

Thousands of families around the country will be packing up the boot of their car this summer and heading off on a camping trip with the kids.

Camping is a great way to spend a family holiday. As well as being economical compared to staying in a hotel or guest house, there’s a certain sense of freedom attached to camping. Usually the locations are beautiful and you have easy access to the beach, the mountains or the forest in the surrounding area.

It’s also a great way for parent s to share some quality time with their children. In the busy stuff of life, with work and school dominating the weekly schedule, it’s pretty normal for most families not to get see much of each other. Spending a week together on holiday, where there are fewer distractions, can allow for time to get to know what everyone’s up to and to get a little closer again.

What to take

When you’ve decided where you are headed for your camping holiday, you’ll need to get your kit ready. If you haven’t camped before, it’ll be a bit costly the first time round, but each subsequent trip will be cheaper as you’ll have all the stuff you need already.

There are many high street stores and internet sites with tents for sale, as well as all the other camping accessories you’ll need like sleeping bags, cooking stove, unbreakable cutlery and crockery. Don’t forget practical items like a washing up bowl, brush and cloth and tea-towels.  You’ll also need a couple of saucepans, a sharp knife and a peeler. It’s also a good idea to take enough food supplies for the first couple of days, in case it’s not so easy to get to a shop locally. Think about how you will prepare meals before you go, so you don’t take anything unsuitable – like a ready-made pizza that you can’t heat up!

You’ll need clothing that is made of modern materials (that dry out quickly in case of rain) and don’t forget that you’ll need warmer clothes for the evenings and early mornings. There’s a great selection of childrens, womens and mens fleece jackets and waterproofs for all the family at all of the major outdoor clothing stores.


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