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Posted by | Evil Kristos | February 20, 2010 | No Comments

32 degrees and sun, what can I say. I’d love to complain but I can’t. Even the flight was OK. Let me rephrase that, Ethiad Airlines are actually really good. The flight was almost enjoyable. I’m not happy. Flying is the one safe bet where I can always complaint. I hit another zero. I am officially a grumpy old fart now and I sure will take full advantage of it.

Thinking about it, the bit where we had to wait because Abu Dabi airport had bad weather conditions wasn’t perfect. We were cruising around for 1 hour because there was fog. Initially I thought they are taking the piss. I mean fog? In Abu Dabi? For all I know the place is in the middle of a dessert. How does that work? Well I’m no meteorologist so I haven’t got a clue. The important bit is, we made it

Bangkok as always was hot, humid, relatively expensive and packed with drunk foreigners. Nothing has changed since my last visit. I went to a small bar to re-hydrate and retired early.

Bangkok Ekamai

Bangkok Ekamai


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