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Backpacking with a car

Posted by | charlottec | October 21, 2011 | No Comments

It may not quite fit with the idea of getting back to nature and travelling with all you need on your back, but backpacking with a car is more usual than you’d think in a country like New Zealand. And it can be just as cheap as using public transport if you are travelling with other people. Four people can share the cost of a second-hand car, which are available pretty cheaply. Of course you’ll also have to pay for insurance and petrol, but dividing all the costs between you will make it affordable. With your own transport, you’ll be able to explore the length and breadth of this beautiful country. On the north island you’ll be free to travel up to Auckland, across to the beautiful Coromandel Penisular, and the hot springs of Rotorua. Then on the south island, you can see Christchurch, Mount Cook, Fiordland and Queenstown – to mention just a few of the highlights. While you’re driving through this country of outstanding beauty, be aware of what imprint you’re leaving behind you. The average gap year travellers’ car is unlikely to be a brand new Honda hybrid or even an electric car, but if you drive carefully and at sensible speeds, you can reduce your fuel consumption and the amount of carbon dioxide emissions you put into the atmosphere, no matter what car you’re driving. And when you get home and start back to normal life, you might consider buying one of the many low emission cars that are now available from brands such as Honda in the UK. The value you can get out of your backpacking car depends on how long you’re going for, of course, but don’t forget, you can always get some money back when you’re ready to leave NZ – and sell your car back to the garage you bought it from or to another traveller.


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