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Why would you not upgrade your system to Windows 8? Well, I’ll tell you

So far I was rather happy with the brand new Windows 8. 29.99 € is reasonable, the new look is rather cool, my crappy little laptop is running a little quicker and the upgrade is dead easy. So why would you not upgrade all your machines? Well, Microsoft won’t let you. I shall explain. While […]

An honest mistake – Windows 8 now has a choice of browsers

The first update for Windows 8 took me by surprise. Only a couple of days had passed since it was released so how could there be an update so critical it had to be forced? Well the answer is simple: The again forgot the “browser choice”. Since the update when booting up the laptop a […]

Hands on Windows 8 – Today I run it on a Sony Vaio VGN-P21z

Since Microsoft is pretty much giving away their new Windows 8 I decided to give it a go. I own a Sony Vaio subnotebook VGN-P21z which is very pretty and quite certainly as mobile as notebooks get BUT it isn’t designed for speed. It originally came with Windows Vista. If you ever tried to use […]