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Rain Check – Day 15

I decided I need a day off. Travelling is fun but sometimes you also have to arrive and put your feet up. I don’t care what other people think of Flores. I like it. It is easy, has all the comforts a city slicker like me can ask for and most importantly: I was already […]

Tikal – Day 14

I went to Tikal today. It had to be done. What can I say; it was a perfect day. It was very hot and sunny, I saw loads of animals and interesting vegetation, I also scratched my brand new camera and lost my shades, met “the real Indian Jones” (A nutty American professor who fell […]

Flores – Day 13

Again I woke up with some indeterminable bite and this time in my face. I had enough. I hopped on to the bus to Flores. This was the one place I have been to before and last time I quite liked it. Some people might say it is expensive, touristy and uncool but I don’t […]

Lanquin – Day 11

As I mentioned before the hostel was extremely cool. On a little hillside next to a river they built a few huts. Downstairs they are dorms but there is a loft that you can rent as well. I went for the latter. You had to climb a steep ladder to get up there. Easier said […]