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Laos can go and …

The next morning I was packed and ready. We went for breakfast – never ever go to Pizza Boy in Rd 13. It’s rubbish – and then across the road to the travel agent. I asked him when the next bus to the border would go. He said not until 14.30. The last bus had […]

Ko Chang

I came to realize I made an error of judgment. I had assumed Ko Chang is one of these cool places where you come and stay for a few days to re-charge your batteries and move on. Wrong! Ko Chang is one of these places I call final destinations. It sucks you in and never […]

Things I forgot about Thailand

I forgot how kind and friendly the Thai are. I forgot how incredibly beautiful the country is. I didn’t really forget but I forgot how really really pretty it is. I forgot how cheap it is and how easy to travel. I forgot how nice the food is. I forgot how chilled out one gets […]


32 degrees and sun, what can I say. I’d love to complain but I can’t. Even the flight was OK. Let me rephrase that, Ethiad Airlines are actually really good. The flight was almost enjoyable. I’m not happy. Flying is the one safe bet where I can always complaint. I hit another zero. I am […]