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Meeting Maximon – Day 7

After I had made up my mind to leave Lake Atitlan and move on I wanted to do at least one more thing. Santiago Atitlan is one of the places to visit at Lake Atitlan and so I did. From what I heard there are some 35 evangelical temples in the village; I however was […]

Planing is everything

I found my volcano. I want to climb Mt. Santa Maria. It’s 3772 m high which admittedly is a lot. In 1902 it wiped out most of the population of Quetzaltenango and even more important gave birth to a new volcano Santiaguito which today is considered the most dangerous volcano in the world. It is […]

Traing Day – Day 5

I, formerly known as his Evilness Kristos the Graceless, so unfit that fat American tourists laugh at me, made a decision: I shall climb a volcano! Stop laughing, I’m serious! Lake Atitlan is everything I expected. It is breathtakingly beautiful, a natural wonder words can hardly describe. The lake – 1500 metres above sea level […]

Road Wars – Day 4

I think I mentioned that I didn’t particularly like Antigua. It may have to do with the fact hat whenever you want to do something there is someone holding up his hand and wants money. It’s ridiculous. I was looking forward to move on and especially since my next destination was the very reason why […]