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Laos can go and …

The next morning I was packed and ready. We went for breakfast – never ever go to Pizza Boy in Rd 13. It’s rubbish – and then across the road to the travel agent. I asked him when the next bus to the border would go. He said not until 14.30. The last bus had […]

4000 islands can go and …

Let’s stop here for a second and look back at what happened so far. As expected we got ripped of at the border, someone had nicked my camera, some bugger tried to charge us for crossing a bridge that the French had built 100 years ago, it was rather touristy and not all that chilled […]

Don Det – Don Khon

Despite the lack of air condition it was a pleasant night. Electricity was only introduced to the island a few months ago so a even having a fan in the room was pretty much a novelty. There finally was a bit of a breeze so the heat was bearable. We were about to leave for […]

Why not?

Last night when I was sitting and contemplating I asked myself one question: Did this trip meet any of my expectations? The honest answer to this was: No. I simply never warmed up with Cambodia. I didn’t like the country side and the people I met didn’t do much for me either. I very much […]