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Yes we could!

I have been quiet for a while. For a good reason I might add. I was rather disappointed with the results of the Lisbon referendum. I had been looking forward to the excuses and long faces of our current government. I was curious what they’d come up with in order to justify a third referendum and why it went wrong and how this is so not their fault.

Government prepares third Lisbon referendum

With the number of people in favour of the Lisbon treaty declining I am somewhat sure that our fearless leaders are preparing a third referendum already. It just doesn’t look like is if they would let this one go. I guess they don’t have much choice. As it stands there is only one way out […]

Second Referendum over Lisbon

Our Massimo Leader Brian Cowen today officially announced what we knew would happen all along anyways. Before the end of October next year we will have a second referendum on the Lisbon treaty. The Taoiseach negotiated a few deals that take Irish concerns into consideration. As it looks we keep our European commissioner and we […]