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Recession News II

If you look for an easy and convenient way to rob a bank you can learn a lot these days and you can learn it from the allegedly finest and most respectable (or so we thought) members of our society.

Take off – Day 1

The day started well. I wasn’t surprised. I had planned every little detail, I even collected a set of useful phrases in Spanish that – I knew – would come in handy sooner or later. I had collected all the information I could possibly need and printed it on a piece of paper. This piece […]

Night Link to Finglas

[ad#adc-1] Dublin Busses night link is by far the cheapest, often enough the quickest and without the shadow of a doubt the most entertaining way to get home at night. If you are in Dublin and you do live outside city centre you have to give it a go. Taxis are for sissies. For many […]

Second Referendum over Lisbon

Our Massimo Leader Brian Cowen today officially announced what we knew would happen all along anyways. Before the end of October next year we will have a second referendum on the Lisbon treaty. The Taoiseach negotiated a few deals that take Irish concerns into consideration. As it looks we keep our European commissioner and we […]

When children start carrying guns

gun crimes are bad enough but when children start shooting innocent citizen things are really getting out of hand

Pork crisis in Ireland

Ireland made headlines all over Europe this week and as you can probably guess it wasn’t exactly good news. It never is. Pork produced in Ireland had to be taken off the shelves all over Europe since it turned out to be toxic. OK, full stop here. When it says toxic it doesn’t mean you […]

Christmas in Dublin

Christmas in Dublin … OMG