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Dubrovnik is everything I expected. It was probably here, on a day like this; a cruise ship anchoring in the port and a zombie army released to haunt the city, when Dante was first inspired to write the Divine Comedy. Strangely enough and without knowing I was sitting in a street named after him, when […]


Unless World War III broke out I was woken up by the biggest Thunderstorm in recorded history It was so loud I stayed awake for at least a minute until I passed out again. The stuffed Squids I had for dinner tasted alright but they certainly didn’t agree with me. I still had a rather […]


Finally. I found a place I truly like. Primosten is everything I expected. It is chilled out and beautiful. There are literally no sights so one can just kick back and relax. The setting is absolutely spectacular and the people seem friendlier too. I like it. For once I didn’t have to get up in […]


I did manage to get up in the morning. I am very much impressed with myself. I even arrived at the train station with time to spare. Since I was starving I went to Scottish restaurant that serves coffee and fast food. I always thought that a McShit is equally bad all over the world. […]