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Don’t go camping without….

Thousands of families around the country will be packing up the boot of their car this summer and heading off on a camping trip with the kids. Camping is a great way to spend a family holiday. As well as being economical compared to staying in a hotel or guest house, there’s a certain sense […]

Tent holidays are special

Though the majority of tourists to the UK seem to look no further than London, Edinburgh and York, there are many who love to take advantage of the British countryside. It’s actually surprising to most people who fly into the UK for the first time just how green the country is. Perhaps they have an […]

Camping abroad

If you’re a culture vulture on a budget you might think twice before booking a mediocre hotel in a city centre. Why limit yourself to a couple of nights, which even in a mediocre hotel can cost an arm and a leg in cities such as Paris and Florence, when you could stay longer at […]