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Laos can go and …

The next morning I was packed and ready. We went for breakfast – never ever go to Pizza Boy in Rd 13. It’s rubbish – and then across the road to the travel agent. I asked him when the next bus to the border would go. He said not until 14.30. The last bus had […]

Why not?

Last night when I was sitting and contemplating I asked myself one question: Did this trip meet any of my expectations? The honest answer to this was: No. I simply never warmed up with Cambodia. I didn’t like the country side and the people I met didn’t do much for me either. I very much […]

What next?

The English guy (Ray) left the next morning. I had time to contemplate. I quite liked Krati and certainly would stay another night but what to next I wasn’t so sure. There certainly is nothing wrong with Cambodia but for some reason I was a little disappointed. The country is not particularly photogenic. Most of […]


Once again I was surprised by Phnom Penh. It really isn’t as bad as one would expect. The Tuk Tuk drivers are annoying – which comes with job – but other than that the place is rather mellow. Even the heat was more bearable this time. This probably had to do with the fact that […]

Back to Phnom Penh

Kep was a bit of a disappointment I must say. It as at the sea but that’s about it. It doesn’t have decent beach and the hike is rubbish. I actually went. First you walk up the hill and then the way is sign posted. The sunset rock was a bit further than I had […]


As I said I had warmed up to Kampot but one afternoon is enough to see it all. My personal highlight was dinner. They actually served bangers and mash. I almost cried. I guess one has to travel to South East Asia to really appreciate the beauty of bangers and mash. It didn’t come with […]


There are days where you ask yourself; what on earth possessed you to do a certain thing. While I was sitting in Kampot I was asking myself exactly that question. I had decided to come here but why I honesty do not know. At first glance Kampot is a god forsaken village in the middle […]


I have a confession to make. I like Sihanoukville. It’s wrong I know I just can’t help it. It has some stunning beaches; you can actually rent a scooter which is a big thing in Cambodia; everything is nice, great views, it’s still crazy enough to make you feel you are abroad, the food is […]


Once there was a pretty big lake in the very heart of Phnom Penh. It is almost gone but not for natural reasons. The entire area was sold out to a Korean investor who immediately started land filling the lake. You can still recognise the old shore. All they did at this stage was filling […]

Phnom Penh

I rose early but not because I wanted. Some Muppet decided to switch on loud techno music rather early in the morning. I was not pleased. I was kind of alright with the place until then and also lazy to move but the music did it. I got out of my room and I was […]

Travelling man

I had made up my mind. It was time to leave Siem Reap. For a reason I don’t remember I wanted to go to Kompong Thom half way down to Phnom Penh, For a start I could not buy a ticket to that place but had to pay the full fare to the capital. I […]

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