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Balkan the wrap up and a bit of Sarandë

Ok, this really did take a while. I have a good reason of course. Sarandë was my final stop in Albania and I didn’t fancy it. Not at all actually. I arrived reasonably early in the morning and decided to have a look around. I wasn’t impressed. The town is highly developed with loads of […]


For once I had a plan; leave Berat early, stop in Gjirokastra and then head on to Sarande. I wouldn’t be a very manly traveller if that plan had worked out. And it didn’t. I mean, I got up alright, managed the 8 AM bus and did get to Gjirokastra in time. Actually it took […]

Berat Backpacker Hostel Day Tour

Alright; I don’t normally write reviews but then I don’t normally go on organised day trips. For once I made an exception. It is simply impossible to do this on your own for that price and especially in just one day. The tour program is ambitious; monastery, bunkers, Apollonia (a ancient Greek site), lunch at […]


The way from Tirana is not particularly long but it takes time. The roads for most of the time were a disgrace. At least I was sitting reasonably comfortable for a change. I took the proper bus rather than a van. Again it struck me, how different the landscape is from what I expected. Most […]


I want you to close your eyes and picture Albania. What do you see? Unless you said “A beautiful country with open minded, hospitable and friendly people that like Mercedes and throw their rubbish everywhere” you are dead wrong. Albania is spectacular on so many levels, I don’t know where to begin. It very much […]


I made it. I am in Albania. I can’t believe it myself. The journey went surprisingly smooth. The American I mentioned negotiated a taxi to Shkoder. 40 Euro wasn’t to bad, 20 Euro each. By staying in Ulcinj I’d spend more than that and I had no particular interest in the place. My initial plan […]