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No asylum for Edward Snowden

Posted by | Evil Kristos | February 12, 2014 | No Comments

The European Parliament today decided against granting Edward Snowden asylum and / or safe harbour on EU soil. To be precise the Committee for the Interior blocked the inclusion of a paragraph regarding the safety of Mr Snowden so the parliament does not actually have to vote.

From what I read the committee voted 33 to 7 with 17 abstentions. What I take from this; a committee prevented a proper vote in parliament regarding Mr Snowden. Within the committee there was a vast majority in favour of not being in favour of the notion but I am concerned that almost half the committee did not have the guts to say anything. Why a committee can actually prevent a vote about a subject many Europeans feel very strongly about remains a mystery. This is, what we in Europe call democracy?

I have a couple of things to say about this.

First of all: The average turnout of voters in the last election for European parliament (2009) was 43%. This tells us that 57% of eligible voters did not vote for this body. As far as I’m concerned this parliament should not even be there. If they can’t at least get 50% of the voters to get up on election Sunday they should all get sacked.

Secondly: We all applauded Edward Snowden for what he did. He basically sacrificed his future, very possibly risked his life to let us know that the Americans make Orwells big brother vision (1984) look like a pussy. They read our emails, hack in to our bank accounts, tap in to our phone calls. And we are allegedly allies.

If a Chinese dissident would come forward with this kind of information he would get a Nobel peace price and China most likely nuked. Edward Snowden does not even get our protection?

That our politicians initially didn’t care about the revelations we know. They only got pissed off when they realised they were being targeted themselves. I even understand their public ignorance. They probably participated in the spying against us the people. And of course there was nothing to gain for them. It is difficult for one country to make a stand against the US. To now learn that our United States of Europe still is so afraid of the US that they rather violate Edward Snowdens human rights than making a stand for him is more than just disappointing? I am disgusted and ashamed.

So, who do we have to thank for making us look like wimps? Well, we roughly know who voted how so lets have a look:

EVP and ECR (this includes all conservative parties so the likes of CDU and CSU) voted against the the notion.

The Social Democrats, who could have blocked this notion, did not do so. I therefore count their doing nothing as teaming up with the conservatives against the notion.

This leaves the left parties, the liberals and the Green party who voted in favour of granting Edward Snowden asylum.

The good news; there is a European election coming up. I will think very long and hard who will get my vote. I suggest you do the same.


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