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Movie review “In Bruges”

Posted by | Kristian | December 12, 2008 | No Comments


I finally managed to watch the movie “In Bruges” and oh lord it’s awesome. I’m not normally a big fan of Colin Farrell but in this movie kicks ars.

I’ll give you an example although I am not sure if the scene is as funny without actually hearing Farrel with his thick Irish accent. Ken and Ray are two hitmen that were sent to Bruges to hide for a while after Ray screwed up a job back home. Ken is an older guy – quite mellow actually – that likes Bruges and enjoys the tour around town. Ray is the younger of the two. He is the one that screwed up and he is not impressed with what he has seen so far. The mediaeval town with all its impressive sights bores him to death.

Colin Farrell is Ray by the way.

Ken: Come up!
Ray: What’s up there?
Ken: The view.
Ray: The view of what? The view of down here? I can see that from down here.
Ken: Ray, you are about the worst tourist in the whole world.
Ray: Ken; I grew up in Dubin. I luve Dublin. If I’d grown up on a farm and I was retarded Bruges might impress me, but I didn’t, so it doesn’t.

Ken is visiting the tower, Ray is sitting on a bench and waiting for Ken. Three fat tourists approach him ther.

Fat tourist: Been to the top of the tower?
Ray: Yeah, yeah, it’s rubbish
Fat tourist: Is it? Guide book says it is a must see.
Ray: Well, you aint’t going up there
Fat tourist: Pardon me, why?
Ray: I mean, it’s all windy stairs. I’m not being funny.
Fat tourist: What exactly you are trying to say?
Ray: What exactly am I trying to say? You’s a bunch of fucking elephants
Fat tourist: Wait you …

The fat tourist is now trying to chase Ray but with little success and quickly runs out of breath. They turn away and approach the tower. Fat tourists female companion turns around and says to Ray: You know, you are just the rudest man, the rudest man.

Meanwhile Ken comes back from his trip to the top of the tower, realising that there was a bit of trouble and subsequently is asking Ray: What’s all that about?
Ray: shrugs
Ken then pointing at the tourists: They are not going up there?

Hey guys, adressing the fat tourists. I wouldn’t go up there. It’s really narrow.
Female companion at Ken: Screw you motherfucker!
Ken is baffled
Ray just says: Americans isn’t it?

As I said, I quite liked the movie. It wasn’t exactly what I expected. There is very little action but it all makes sense. It’s actually more of a comedy whith Colin Farrell at his best. You’ll see pretty pictures of mediaeval Bruges, learn a lot about midgets even see a bit of romance and of course some action.

I’d give the movie 7 out of 10.


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