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The Pacific – Day 22

Posted by | Evil Kristos | February 13, 2009 | No Comments

I am no pussy when it comes to waves, I almost drowned in at least two different oceans and I do consider myself if not the inventor than at least the intellectual father of the “art of body surfing” but this place was tough. The force of the waves was one thing but the undercurrents were something else.

Monterrico has very short waves. They build up and immediately hammer on the beach. The latter is black and it is very steep. The steepness creates an extremely strong current and this is extremely tricky. I’m still alive but I swear to god the force of these waves is frightening. I gave it a go in the late afternoon and I immediately found out why so many people her are limping. With this kind of waves it only takes one mistake.

Let’s talk a little more about Monterrico. Initially I wasn’t sure if I like it but by now I am. It’s kind of a strange place but once you are in sync with the local attitude it’s rather cool.

I spent an memorable night getting drunk with a Scotsman. Since the owners were busy with a bunch of their friends coming over for the weekend he was minding the place for them. It was a rather interesting conversation.

Tony – that’s his name – left home early enough to be part of the old hippie trail from Europe to India. I don’t know if you heard about it but back in the late sixties it was easier to get a lift from London to Goa than from let’s say London to Maidenhead.

I heard many good stories from that time and Tony was no exception. I ended up with an extraordinary bar tab and a nasty headache the next morning. I had no plans anyways.

And that was it; my time in Guatemala came to an end. All that was left to do was going back to Guatemala City and then to the airport early the next morning.

I enjoyed the trip but I gotta say; 3 weeks is not enough. Give it 4 and you’ll be fine.

My favourite spots?
1 – Finca Ixobel for hanging out
2 – Panajachel for the view and Lago Atitlan
3 – Lanquin / Semuc because it is really a cool combination

Would I go again?

You bet!


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