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Take off – Day 1

Posted by | Evil Kristos | January 19, 2009 | 2 Comments

The day started well. I wasn’t surprised. I had planned every little detail, I even collected a set of useful phrases in Spanish that – I knew – would come in handy sooner or later. I had collected all the information I could possibly need and printed it on a piece of paper. This piece of paper was now on my desk where I left it. I on the other hand was at the airport. Who needs planning anyways? I knew where I was going; Guatemala. How difficult could it possibly be?

OK, with or better without my notes I was standing at Dublin airport and laughed at the fools that had to stay here freezing their nuts off. January is just the single most miserable month of the year so the best thing to do was going to a better place. This I intended but of course the plane was delayed. This not only meant I would stay in Dublin a bit longer I would also miss my connecting flight from Chicago. A quick look at the weather channel revealed that at this very moment it was -26 Celsius in Chicago. So much for the fools.

The friendly people at the check in assured me that they would get me to Miami somehow I’d just arrive a little later. Fair play to them. It’s no their fault. I also learned that when I did the online registration for going to the US that is now compulsory I wasted my time. I still had to fill in the form. Let’s be honest, I never expected anything else.

The next thing I learned was a lot more reassuring. I New York a plane had crashed into the Hudson river. Looks like this was my lucky day. I passionately hate flying anyways. I hate to be at someone’s or better somethings mercy in the first place, I’m a god awful passenger in a car you don’t want to see me in a tin box at 30000 feet.

Planes scare me. How can they possibly fly? I don’t understand it. Something that has feathers and wings fine but a chunk of metal that weighs a hundred tons? I don’ trust these things and seeing this plane in New York floating in an icy river didn’t help.

Well, I’m not only afraid of flying I also don’t like cold and wet. I therefore was in a dilemma. Thinking about it; not really. I would go. I always do. Three weeks of travel in a warm and beautiful paradise would well compensate me for the pain and agony that awaited me.

I have never been a big fan of American Airlines but they are cheap. The flight to Guatemala didn’t cost much more than a trip to Greece. I also have to admit that flight to Chicago was rather pleasant. May be I’m getting old and fear death less than I used to. Or may be it was due to the fact that the plane was half empty and so I had sufficient leg space which always helps. Since I heard myself snoring at some stage I reckon I even managed to sleep a little. I’m not so sure though.

Even the second leg to Miami was – although much less comfortable – still acceptable. And I only arrived three hours late. It saved me the trouble of going to Miami Beach, spending a fortune on a hotel just to have some fun at the beach front. Instead I went for a cheap dump near the airport.

The thing I always liked about this part Miami that a) it is a proper dump, dark, dodgy and you expect to me mugged, murdered or at least beaten up any minute and b) no one here seems to speak a word of English. Last time I checked Miami was still in Florida USA but in this area literally everyone speaks Espanol and they do give you the looks when you don’t. I guess they can see through my disguise and tell I ain’t no bro from the hood. I better be careful then.


2 Responses to “Take off – Day 1”

  1. JD
    January 19th, 2009 @ 13:48

    Repeat after me: “Soy un muppet!”

    Essential Spanish:

    Cuando puedas – when you got time (whilst waving empty bottle at barman)
    Por favor, no me golpee senor… estoy borracho – Please don’t hit me, Sir… I’m drunk
    Hola guapa! Vaya tetas! – Hello, beautiful! Nice… earings!
    Otra mas cerveza, por favor – Another beer, please!
    Otra mas… – again
    Pagas tu?? – Are you buying? (answer = NO!)
    No tengo dinero – I’m broke
    Cuanto vale? – How much is it?
    Soy de Alemania, pero no soy tonto – I’m German, but I’m not stupid!

  2. Kris
    January 20th, 2009 @ 03:40

    Thanks, I appreciate it. Now I can travel properly. 🙂

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